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Ah, the gentle rays of spring sunshine finally warming our surroundings! With temperatures rising and nature awakening, it's the perfect time to give a little attention to your faithful companion on four wheels. Of course, the cold might make a surprise comeback, but why not anticipate the big spring clean?

The first essential step in preserving your precious car is to give it a thorough cleaning to rid it of the residues accumulated over the winter. You might think it's too early for this but think again! A clean car is better prepared for the weather changes to come.  And we all know they're inevitable!

If you'd prefer to delegate this task, a few car cleaning services are available at one of our seven dealerships. But if you prefer to do it yourself, here are a few tips for a successful spring cleaning of your vehicle!

Choosing the right wash products is crucial. Whether you opt for a dedicated car shampoo or an active foam, make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. A streak-free car shampoo is essential for removing typical impurities such as sand, gravel or mud. Before starting the wash, rinse the car thoroughly under pressure to remove dried-on dirt and sand, to avoid any scratches on the paintwork. Then apply the diluted product to the bodywork with a clean sponge and rinse thoroughly.

Once the wash is complete, dry your car, preferably using microfiber cloths, to ensure a sparkling finish. As for wax, it's best to wait for the heat to set in.

Don't forget to pay particular attention to cleaning your rims, which have accumulated a fair amount of dirt in recent months. It's a small gesture that will keep your car shining brightly for months to come!

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