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When the Kia Carnival goes green

Don't say it too loud, but we all love driving minivans. It's true that older generations weren't very exciting, but newer versions, like the 2025 Kia Carnival, are definitely more inspiring.

In fact, not only does it now look like an SUV rather than just a van, but the latest version of the Kia will be offered with a hybrid powertrain, no less.

You say: yeah, but a hybrid is also boring to drive. That's because you've never experienced it. Because the powertrain of the new Kia Carnival doesn't put the fun in second place; quite the contrary.

Combining a 1.6L turbocharged engine, a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 54kW electric motor, the 2025 Carnival offers 242 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. The electric motor has two missions: the first, of course, is to support the gasoline engine to improve fuel economy.

The second, and this is where the fun really comes in, is that it also serves to give the little push to start. Anyone who has ever driven an electric car will tell you that the impulse of a battery motor is lively, and the acceleration is fast. All this without compromising on fuel economy, of course. A more traditional gasoline version will still be available starting this spring.

Even more

The good news is that the 2025 Carnival is more than just a hybrid vehicle. It's a truly fun and comfortable way to get around for the whole family. Take our word for it.

The proof is that the newcomer, which was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show and will be making its debut here by the end of the summer in its hybrid version, is based on a ton of the most advanced technologies.

Among them, it shares with the Kia EV9, the 100% electric SUV, an infotainment screen that not only keeps you connected but also allows you to update over the air. We would like to see you, but you will admit that saving a visit to the dealership makes you a little happy!

Other technological details include a digital key and a very innovative parking aid.

Basically, the digital key literally turns your phone into a key for your vehicle. Just keep your phone with you, and you can leave the bulky key fob at home!

As for parking, it's a brilliant concept. At the touch of a button, your van will park itself in the tightest of spots without your intervention. We love it!

Of course, there are still three spacious rows that can even seat up to 8 passengers, and there is still a huge cargo space. But the reality is that the 2025 Kia Carnival will be more fun to drive than ever before, without losing an ounce of its practicality. Who said minivans were boring?

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